Parents - You Already Have What It Takes!

Science tells us that in the first five years, children’s brains form more than 1,000 new neural connections per second. Vroom tips turn everyday moments such as mealtime, bathtime, and bedtime into brain building moments! Our goal is to support parents with affirming reinforcing messages and tips that inspire positive interactions between parents and children and promote healthy brain development in children birth to five.

Vroom is an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation, who wanted to maximize a child's learning capabilities especially in the first 5 years of life. CCRC has partnered with Vroom, thanks to the funding provided by The LA Partnership for Early Childhood Investment, to revolutionize how parents interact with their children. Each moment is centered around the five Brain Building Basics: how to look, follow, chat, take turns and stretch.

The five Brain Building Basics highlight the science behind early brain development. Parents are more empowered to transform basic house hold activities, like bath time and mealtime, into brain building moments. With the help of early childhood experts, neuroscientists, parents just like you, community leaders, as well as the Center on the Developing Child, parents now have a full engaging classroom at their fingertips for free! It doesn't take extra money or extra resources; you have it all!

Positive, supportive experiences with adults help your child's mind expand. Back-and-forth moments with you build your child's brain in ways that help their learning, health, and behavior, both now and in the future. That makes you, your child's #1 brain builder! Vroom is changing and inspiring the family dynamic like no other program. You may have to do the laundry, but with Vroom this simple task transforms into an opportunity to teach your child about colors, shapes, organization and work ethic. Best of all, your child is spending new and enjoyable quality time with you!

How do I start?

Step 1: Download Vroom at your local app store.

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Step 2: Try a tip before you create an account. Enter your child's information.

Step 3: Start Brain building! Use the settings to choose your tip delivery time or set a reminder.

Choose a Vroom tip wherever you are, no matter what you're doing. Download the free Daily Vroom app today or register your profile online at and change the way your child learns. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire Phones and delivers customized tips to parents every day. With these easy to use tools your child's brain will grow faster and stronger. Help them learn now and prepare them for school, friends, and life.

For more information about Vroom, contact 818-717-1000 Ext. 7005.

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