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  Parenting from the Heart
110 families attended
35 families attended
98 families attended
                   FamiLy engagement
Family engagement is a shared school and at-home responsibility in which CCRC reaches out to involve families in meaningful ways and interact with committed families to actively support their child’s development. There is an integrated focus on academics, health and social services which leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities.
Daddy and Me Science Fair
 The Daddy & Me Science Fair is an event that is intended for fathers and male figures to accompany their children and take part in an event that allows them to experiment with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related activities. The activities at the fair can be recreated at home. About 90% of the families in attendance come with a father or male figure and the children are so proud that they run to introduce their teachers to their fathers.
 Fathers become familiar with staff
 Fathers learn ways to engage their children in educational activities
 Fathers get to meet one another, interact and build community
 This event was the first CCRC-hosted parent conference that included a powerful and engaging keynote speaker along with two plenary sessions where parents could pick from interesting topics like The Power of Play, Financial Literacy, and Positive Guidance-Peaceful Home. Parents shared with staff that the conference helped them feel more confident in their abilities to parent and that they got additional strategies.
Transition to Kindergarten
 Three inclusive transition events were offered to families this year. In addition to representatives from local schools were excited to have two kindergarten teachers come and speak to parents about their experience with Head Start children and how better prepared they are for kindergarten! They also shared things parents could do to better support their child’s kinder readiness.
Family Partnership Agreements
We partner with parents to provide them an opportunity to identify and set goals that our staff supports and have been working to increase the number of parents who participate in this process. While 20% of families completed goal setting in 2015/16, an average of 50% developed goals in 2016/17 with most parents developing goals in the following areas:
Parent Child Relationship Finance
Well Being
Child Development Childcare
Adult Education Parent Leadership
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