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 7,650 Visitors 1,617 Storytime Listeners 881 Kaleidoscope Learners Community Information Ambassadors & Parent Navigators
                   Family engagement
The world of Early Care and Education, also known as ECE, is often complex and confusing!
Our job is to help families identify and select the right services for them. In just one year, we provided parents with over 18,000 referrals for licensed child care and answered almost 6,000 “technical assistance” questions. Wow, right? With a laser focus on cultivating child and family well-being, CCRC’s child development staff are trained in nationally acclaimed curricula including Parents as Teachers, Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework, Brazelton Touchpoints, Kaleidoscope Play & Learn, and Motheread - all of which provide ways for us to partner with parents and help them meet their individual family goals.
Book, Toy & Resource Libraries
Explore. Play. Learn. Our libraries offer an amazing place to check out books, toys and more. We are a full service resource available to parents, child care providers, and students offering weekly story time and Kaleidoscope Play and Learn events. Visitors are encouraged to check out high quality, age appropriate child and parent resources for up to 30 days!
    Through funding provided by First 5 Los Angeles, Best Start Palmdale and Best Start Lancaster are committed to increasing child, parent and community well-being in the Antelope Valley (AV)! In Lancaster, CCRC recruits and trains Community Information Ambassadors to connect parents to information and resources regarding early care and childhood education. And in partnership with the Antelope Valley Partners for Health, we help Parent Navigators in Palmdale learn how to convey important messages to policymakers through advocacy training and activities. Over 100 AV residents have been trained!
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