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Strategic Plan Highlights
Diverse and Stellar Staff
CCRC’s growing team is made up of over 1,000 professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our workforce includes staff
from across the country and six continents, all with different racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds. We broadened our diversity outreach efforts in 2020 by creating a CCRC virtual job fair, attending more job fairs, and researching and posting to a wider diversity of sites.
Over the past decade, the agency has nearly doubled in
size and now employs highly-skilled employees at six CCRC offices across Southern California and Sacramento and more than 25 Head Start locations.
High-Functioning Systems
We improved the employee experience through new technology, creating efficiencies through the hiring process and beyond.
Through a continuous stream of actions, the IT division provided business value delivering timely technology to support the core functions of CCRC’s business. During
the pandemic, they deployed hundreds of pieces of equipment and responded quickly to requests for new and upgraded service. They ensured that each staff member had the necessary hardware and network availability, while providing for disaster recovery, high performance, and information security.
Facility and Operations made sure on site staff had a safe and efficient workspace working within OSHA and CDC guidelines.
A virtual onboarding module now standardizes the hiring process agency-wide, saving time and improving the experience. CCRC’s new background check vendor reduces wait times and the transition to electronic signatures for
HR documents created efficiencies across departments.
An updated recruitment module integrates with the new onboarding model and background check vendor, creating a comprehensive report for managers.
Financial Strength
Despite the economic upset imposed by the pandemic, CCRC effectively managed expenses to maximize services while keeping staff safe and employed. We initiated a project to automate the business expense reimbursement process, reducing the time and hours required. CCRC kept its overhead to just over 6% of total budget which means that 93.9% was directed to programs and services.
Compelling Brand
A comprehensive menu of benefits makes CCRC an employer of choice. To ensure a safe and respectful work environment, CCRC rolled out an updated Code of Ethics policy and procedure, including a training campaign for all staff. We also implemented a new ethics hotline vendor.
                   Linking Actions and Impact
  Strong and Resilient Families
At a time when more families than ever have been faced with financial hardship due to the pandemic, CCRC ensured families had access to fresh food, quality child care and education, and information about applying for CalFresh and other state and federal benefits.
Supported and Connected Communities
CCRC now employs over 1,000 professional staff members working from more than 30 different locations. CCRC’s programs and services for children, parents and providers have grown over the last four decades to include the Antelope, San Fernando, and Santa Clarita Valleys as well as the entirety of San Bernardino County.
Sustained Public and Political Will
Many new donors contributed funds to CCRC this year
with first-time individual donations ranging from $10 to $55,000. Through our work at the state capital and in local government, we’ve formed partnerships with legislators who act as champions for child care by drafting and voting on policies that positively impact families.
       2019 - 2020 Annual Report

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