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The greatest percentage of providers received coaching in physical activity at both coaching sessions as seen in Table 1.
Table 1. Percent Goal Type in Each Coaching Session
    Goal Type Coaching Session 1 (n=331)
    Coaching Session 2 (n=133)
      Nutrition 38.7% 37.6%
      Physical 59.5% 61.7% Activity
      Other 1.8% 0.8%
 Table 2 illustrates one of the main differences between center-based and home-based child care. In centers there are classrooms devoted to single age groups and infant care is expensive to provide and is therefore less available in centers than in homes. In a home environment there is opportunity to care for multiple age groups within the same home. As indicated in Table 2, large percentages of licensed homes served children under 2 years old, 2-5 year olds and children 6 years or older. However, only a third of center-based programs served children under 2 years old and less than a quarter served children 6 years or older. The percentages in Table 2 sum to over 100% because programs serve more than one age group. Given licensed homes’ higher rates of serving infants and toddlers under 2 years of age, any program designed to impact children at the youngest ages should include family child care homes.
Table 2. Percentage of Licensed Centers and Homes That Serve Each Age Group
     Full Sample n=594
      Licensed Centers Licensed Homes n=465 n=129
     Age Group Served Baseline
                     Follow-Up Baseline Follow-Up Baseline Follow-Up
         Under 2 Years Old 32.9% 33.4% 21.7% 22.2% 73.4% 73.6%
            2-5 Years Old 93.4% 93.4% 92.9% 93.3% 95.3% 93.8%
            6 Years or Older 24.5% 23.1% 12.7% 10.7% 67.2% 67.4%
      As seen in Table 3, Licensed Homes served a greater diversity of age groups with greater percentages of family child care providers reporting serving more than one age group than providers in Licensed Centers. Conversely, a greater percentage of Licensed Centers served one single age group compared to Licensed Homes.
Table 3. Percentage of Licensed Centers and Homes That Serve One or Multiple Age Groups
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