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 Figure 4. CACFP Participation at Baseline and Follow-Up Item 35
 6.1% 22.6%
0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Doing Not Doing Does not Apply to Site
How prepared do participants feel to change their health and physical activity practices at their child care site and does coaching make a difference? Does it differ by care type?
Questions 36a-36e asked participants “How prepared do you feel to make changes in the following areas at your child care site?” along five practices (Breastfeeding practices, Food and beverage practices, Physical activity/playtime practices, Screen time practices, Creating or improving written guidelines about health for your child care) with the categorical options of “Very Prepared,” “Somewhat Prepared,” “Not Prepared,” or “Not Sure.”
As seen in Figure 5, feelings of preparedness or efficacy to change practices ranged from greatest to least in the following order at follow-up, indicated by those who reported being somewhat prepared or very prepared to make changes in each of these areas:
 Physical activity/playtime practices (94.4%)
 Food and beverage practices (90.5%)
 Creating or improving written guidelines about health (86.6%)
 Screen time practices (82.9%)
 Breastfeeding practices (69.8%)
The largest percentage of providers reporting they were not prepared or not sure were in screen time practices and breastfeeding practices. These findings may be related to earlier
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