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The greatest challenges reported this year were similar to last year’s with the top 4 challenges sited in the same order of frequency as described above.
Table 10. Percent of Participants Reporting Challenges Faced in Creating Healthy Practices or Routines
      Challenges Faced Creating Healthy Practices/Routines Baseline (n=600)
     Follow-Up (n=602)
           Lack of support from management/leadership staff 12.8% 15.0%
         Lack of support from other child care staff 10.2% 9.8%
         Lack of support from parents 31.5% 34.7%
         Not enough money to make changes 32.2% 33.4%
         Not enough time to make changes 16.7% 17.1%
         Not enough training to make changes 22.2% 20.3%
         Not enough space to make changes (kitchen, play space) 14.8% 17.9%
         Not enough equipment to make changes (play structures, 20.0% 20.4% kitchen utensils)
         Other 2.8% 2.2%
         I did not face any challenges to creating healthy practices or 27.3% 27.7% routines.
         Does not apply: I did not create healthy practices or routines. 6.7% 6.3%
      As previously indicated, individual questions did not show a statistically significant change from baseline to follow-up. However, the number of challenges reported by each participant was summed at both baseline and follow-up to compare differences between groups in mean number of challenges reported by participants.
There were differences in the mean number of challenges reported by site type such that center-based participants reported greater number of challenges (M = 1.810, SD = 1.946) than family child care participants (M = 1.248, SD = 1.653), t (245.399) = 3.322, p < .001 at follow-up as demonstrated by an independent sample t-test.
Table 11. Comparison of Mean Number of Challenges Reported on Item 38 by Center-Based and Family Child Care Participants at Follow-up.
Questions 39a-39h asked respondents “What are some challenges that you face or have faced while taking steps towards creating written rules or guidelines about healthy practices?” with a “check all that apply” instruction. Any participant who checked “Does not apply: I did not create
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       Licensed Home t
    1.810 (1.946) 1.248 (1.653) 3.322* 245.399

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