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Table 15. Percent of Participants Reporting Which Resources would be Helpful for Creating Healthy Practices/Guidelines at Baseline and Follow-up
      Resources Baseline (n=600)
     Follow-Up (n=602)
         More printed information 54.0% 51.7%
         More materials for parents 71.3% 67.4%
         Websites 33.8% 38.0%
         Newsletters 44.2% 46.3%
         Time with a Choose Health LA Child Care coach 37.2% 33.2%
         More training 43.3% 37.9%
         Meeting with other child care providers making similar changes 28.7% 24.8%
   No differences were found between baseline and follow-up, by site-type, language, or by coaching status.
How helpful was the program and does this vary by Coaching/provider/language?
In an effort to understand how the various services of the program helped participants create healthy environments, they were asked to rate how helpful each of the aspects of the program was. Seen in Table 16, these questions were asked only at follow-up. The training and materials were rated as the most helpful, followed by coaching. Given the investment CHLA CC has made in developing materials that providers can take to their program and use, it is no surprise that materials were rated as the second most helpful aspect. Providers are able to take the materials including yoga cards, physical activity kits, recipe cards, books, plates, cups and cooking kits back to their program and continue to implement ideas and activities they have learned about through the training or with their coach longer after the coaching and training have ended. Informal review of participants’ comments on a coaching satisfaction survey for this program corroborates this finding with providers indicating they find the training materials valuable. The helpfulness of coaching was not much higher than that of the support from other staff at their site. The least helpful was support from parents, mirroring other findings in this report. The lower rating for coaching may reflect the fact that there were only one or two sessions possible under the current funding. Generally it takes a minimum of six sessions to realize environmental changes. No differences were found by group (provider type, language, coaching group).
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