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Table 16. Percent of Participants Rating Helpfulness of Each Aspect of Services in Their Efforts to Create a Healthy Child Care Environment
    Helpfulness of Services
        Very Somewhat Not Not Sure/Does Helpful Helpful Helpful Not Apply
      Choose Health LA Child Care training 81.1% 11.2% 1.1% 6.7% (n=571)
        Choose Health LA Child Care training 77.4% 14.1% 1.2% 7.2% materials (n=566)
        Choose Health LA Child Care coaching 70.5% 14.1% 1.8% 13.7% sessions (n=555)
        Support from other staff at your child 66.8% 19.0% 2.7% 11.6% care site (n=554)
        Support from parents (n=559) 55.3% 25.2% 9.7% 9.8%
    Changes to Economics, Marketing and Demand
Economics of the site were explored to assess if changes resulted in more expenses (considering healthy foods can cost more) or if expenses were reduced as a result of participating in the program. These questions were asked only at follow-up. As seen in Figure 6, 33.1% stated their expenses increased at least a little, 5.5% reported at least some reduction in expenses, 26.9% were unsure of any changes, and 20.4% indicated there were no change in their economics as a result of creating healthy practices and guidelines. 14.1% reported that the question did not apply to their site.
In terms of changing fee structures as a result of the changes made to the program because of CHLA CC participation, as seen in Figure 7, the majority (38.3%) indicated there was no change, 26.6% reported they did not know, 8.0% are considering charging more, and 4.4% charge more. Very small percentages of providers reported that they were considering charging less (0.3%) or already charging less (0.8%).
Interestingly, while 33.1% of providers indicated that their costs have increased a little or a lot as a result of creating healthy practices or guidelines, only 12.4% reported they either charge more or are considering charging more in terms of their fee structure. From this survey, it is not known what factors resulted in a higher cost as a result of creating healthy practices or guidelines, but will be important to understand in order to help providers implement and sustain healthy practices and policies in their programs. Understanding the conditions under which creating healthy practices or guidelines can have an economic impact on providers and families or create a barrier to making changes is important and worth further exploration.
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