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It was anticipated that participants could use their experiences in the program to market their site differently and attract more families. When asked if they used their participation in the program in any marketing materials for their program, 19.7% said yes and 76.6% said they shared their rules or guidelines with parents (See Figure 9.) Figure 10 shows how parents reacted to the healthy practice rules or guidelines. Overwhelmingly, parents reacted positively to the healthy rules or guidelines. In addition, Figure 11 illustrates that participants have noticed greater interest by families in their program as a result of their program participation or changes to healthy practices. Given this positive reaction, the lack of parent support cited earlier in this report merits further exploration. Under what conditions are parents supportive, and under what conditions is there a lack of support for changes in healthy practices?
 Figure 9. Marketing and Sharing Information with Parents (Items 44 and 45)
(Item 44) Have you used your participation in CHLA CC in any marketing materials for your site?
(Item 45) If you have any rules or guidelines about healthy practices, have you shared them with parents?
0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% 100.0%
Yes No
 Improving Health in Child Care Settings: 2016 44

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