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43. If you have made healthy changes at your child care site, have you been able to change your fees for families? Please checkone.
AYes, my site charges more
BYes, my site charges less
CMaybe, we are considering charging more
DMaybe, we are considering charging less
ENo change
FDon’t know
GDoes not apply: I have not created healthy practices or guidelines.
44. Have you used your participation in Choose Health LA Child Care in any marketing materials for your child care? Please checkone.
BYes; Please describe: _____________________________________________________
45. If you have any rules or guidelines about healthy practices, have you shared them with parents?
ANo BYes
46. Based on your participation in Choose Health LA Child Care and/or any healthy practices or guidelines that you have, has there been a change in demand for or interest in your child care services?
ANo, I have not noticed more interest
BYes, I have noticed more interest
CDon’t know
DDoes not apply: I have not shared any healthy written rules or guidelines
Thank you for your participation in this survey and in Choose Health LA Child Care!
Send the COMPLETED survey back to us, and we’ll send you a $10 gift card to buy something new for your child care!
   If so, how have parents reacted?
1 Generally positively 2 No reaction
3 Generally negatively 4 Don’t know

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