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Appendix B3: Methods for Ensuring Participant Confidentiality
Participant confidentiality was protected through the following methods. After participants signed-in for a training session their information was entered into a countywide database by the trainers or an assistant and the database assigned a unique ID to the participant. The R&R agency then requested a training roster report for that training from the Research and Evaluation team at one of the R&R agencies (Child Care Resource Center). A Research Specialist pulled a report with the provider information (name, ID, etc.) and sent this information to each of the Coaches at the individual R&R agencies. The Coaches then entered the information into an MS Access-based database, accessible to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH). An Analyst from DPH reviewed this database for those eligible providers who had attended trainings in the last month and mail merged their participant number onto a survey and matched each survey to an envelope that was printed with the correct address for the participant. The return envelope was addressed to the Research and Evaluation team at the Child Care Resource Center and a Research Specialist entered the survey data into the MS Access-based database. The Analyst at DPH designed a mechanism to ensure that those who completed and mailed their baseline survey would then receive a follow-up survey 4-6 months following their original training workshop date.

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