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Areas that may have been impacted the most by the interventions and showed statistically significant increases in the percentage of participants engaging in the activities from baseline to follow-up include:
 Parents receive written physical activity policy upon enrollment.
 Children have at least 60 minutes of structured or teacher-led, physical activity time (or
30 minutes in a half-day program.
 Information is provided to parents about their child’s physical activity while in child care.
 Staff participate in physical activities with children.
 Parents were provided information that encourages physical activity at home.
Preparedness to Change Policies and Practices. Feelings of preparedness or efficacy to change practice were high at both baseline and follow-up ranged from greatest to least in the following order at follow-up:
 Physical activity/playtime practices (94.4%)
 Food and beverage practices (90.5%)
 Creating or improving written guidelines about health (86.6%)
 Screen time practices (82.9%)
 Breastfeeding practices (69.8%)
Group differences were detected in two areas. Spanish-speaking providers were more likely to state that they were prepared to make changes to their breastfeeding practices than English- speaking participants. English-speaking participants were more likely than Spanish-speaking participants to report that they are prepared to make changes in their screen time practices.
Knowledge Change. The percent of participants indicating activities queried about have an effect on children’s growth and health was high at both baseline and follow-up with no significant differences in the percent of providers endorsing each activity as influencing children’s growth and health between baseline and follow-up. At follow-up, the percent of participants indicating each activity has an effect in a child’s growth and health was as follows:
 Eating a variety of healthy foods (95.3%)
 Having active free play (93.8%)
 Drinking beverages with no added sugar (91.6%)
 Doing teacher-led physical activity (87.5%)
 Drinking breast milk as an infant (75.4%)
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