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Clase Preventiva de Salud y Seguridad para el Cuidado Infantil (Una serie de dos días)

En esta clase interactive aprenderá sobre las mejores prácticas para combater la propagación de enfermedade y los requisites de vacuna. Discuta las pólizas y los procedimientos de seguridad para prevenir las lesions y las leyes y reglamentos sobre la nutrición en los programas de cuidado infanitl. Este clase está aprobada por la EMSA y cumple...


Family Child Care Home Business Aspects: Planning, Finances, & Legal Aspects

Compare the similarities and differences between being a licensed provider or an exempt provider. Evaluate the advantages of starting a new business, as well as the challenges to being a business owner. Discover how to create a start-up plan and receive hands-on experience creating a business plan. • This training fulfills 2 hours in the...


Parent Café: The Growing Brain

Building brains through relationships and experiences. Join us for meaningful, guided conversations about what matters most, our families, and how to make them stronger. During our Parent Cafés, you will have the opportunity to receive new information, share experiences, ask questions, and learn about resources to help you raise strong, resilient children. Our Parent Cafes...