Story Time – In person [Sylmar]

CCRC Sylmar Office 13100 Telfair Avenue, Sylmar, CA, United States

We invite you and your child to join us for an exciting read-aloud story time at our Sylmar office! At each session, we will read a different story and engage children in exploring the world around them and enhancing creativity and their imagination. Children will develop language and communication skills through the incorporation of music, puppets,...

Playgroup – In person [Victorville]

Join us for an in-person playgroup experience in Victorville! Each week our early childhood experts will plan activities that encourage adult-child interaction throughout the session and beyond. All activities and experiences are based on topics that will prepare children for success. Children and their caregivers will engage with other participants while singing songs, reading stories, and...

Incorporating Montessori Elements into Your Child Care Program


Discover the essential elements of Montessori programs and how you can incorporate them into your program whether you are a Family Child Care or Center-based program. In this training, you will: - Discover the history of Maria Montessori - Learn how to adapt your teaching style to support discovery and independence - Uncover how to...

Workshops & Events
Event Series La Hora del Cuento [Virtual]

La Hora del Cuento [Virtual]


¡Nuestros especialistas en desarrollo infantil se alegran en ofrecerle a usted y a sus hijos una emocionante lectura de cuentos virtual! Durante nuestras sesiones interactivas leeremos libros, cantaremos canciones, moveremos nuestros cuerpos y nos conectaremos con otros niños y cuidadores. Cada día leeremos una historia diferente que involucrará a los niños mientras exploran el mundo...

Event Series Spring Playgroup – [Sylmar]

Spring Playgroup – [Sylmar]

Join us for our upcoming in person playgroup series in Sylmar, CA. Each week our early childhood experts will guide you and your child through interactive activities and provide you with tools and resources to create quality early childhood experiences in your home. Children and their caregivers will engage with other participants while singing songs,...

Language & Literacy Development Series – Expanding Expressive and Receptive Language and Vocabulary (Module 2)


In Module 2 of this series developed by Zero to Three, you will learn to recognize children's natural capacity for language learning. - Recognize the components of language and the development of language acquisition - Identify and analyze teaching strategies and practices that expand children's expressive and receptive language and vocabulary - Expand your knowledge...

Workshops & Events

Module 5 – Helping My Parenting Bounce Back After Terrible Things Happen


Parents, you can get paid up to $120 to learn about trauma informed care and ways to develop personal and family resilience in our six part series! In Module 5 - Helping My Parenting Bounce Back After Terrible Things Happen, we will cover: - How to remain flexible through difficult times to build resilience -...

Event Series Story Time [Virtual]

Story Time [Virtual]


Our child development specialists are excited to bring you and your child an exciting read-aloud virtual story time! During our interactive sessions we will read a book, sing songs, move our bodies, and connect with other children and caregivers. Each day we will read a different story that will engage children as they explore the...

ACT Raising Safe Kids Café [Palmdale]

CCRC Antelope Valley Office 250 Grand Cypress Ave, Palmdale, CA 93551, CA, United States

Parents! You are invited to join the conversation at our next Parent Café – ACT Raising Safe Kids. At this café, you will have the opportunity to connect, network, and discuss your journey to overall well-being. Together we will discuss young children’s exposure to media and violence and the impact it has on behavior. You...