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Using Community Resources to Support Children’s Learning

Understand the importance of community resources to enhance children's learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Identify key community resources that support program practices and family needs.  Learn best...


El Impacto de Habitos y Rutinas

Reflexione e identifique lo negativo y positivo de sus rutinas y hábitos. Comprender el cómo las rutinas y los hábitos pueden afectar su vida personal y laboral. Crear un plan...


Child Care initiative Project Orientation

Better understand the structure and purpose of the Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP) and discover the ways in which this program will provide support and guidance as you become a...


Parent Café: Aprenda los Signos. Reaccione Pronto

ÚNETE A LA CONVERSACIÓN: Reconozca las características de los indicadores del desarrollo para niños de 2 meses a 5 años. Aprenda la importancia de seguir el desarrollo de su hijo...


Parent Café: The Growing Brain

Building brains through relationships and experiences. Join us for meaningful, guided conversations about what matters most, our families, and how to make them stronger. During our Parent Cafés, you will...


The Growing Brain: Social Emotional Development

Understand how social-emotional development unfolds in the first five years and the brain’s role in the process. Using evidence-informed strategies, learn how to support young children in social-emotional development. Identify...