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Parent Café: The Growing Brain

Building brains through relationships and experiences. Join us for meaningful, guided conversations about what matters most, our families, and how to make them stronger. During our Parent Cafés, you will have the opportunity to receive new information, share experiences, ask questions, and learn about resources to help you raise strong, resilient children. Our Parent Cafes...


The Growing Brain: Social Emotional Development

Understand how social-emotional development unfolds in the first five years and the brain’s role in the process. Using evidence-informed strategies, learn how to support young children in social-emotional development. Identify the areas of the brain involved in social interactions and the vital role relationships play in social-emotional development. Recognize the effects of stress on brain...


Making Sense of Science

Understand that children learn best when they have hands-on, engaging learning experiences. Discuss the 4-step process to develop hands-on science experiences and activities in your child care. Actively engage in...


Parent Café: Vitalities – Journey to Overall Well-Being

This Café experience is focused on those who provide care for the children of family, friends, or neighbors. Join us for meaningful, guided conversations about what matters most, our families,...


Using Supportive Relationships to Nurture the Language of Emotions

Recognize the characteristics of positive relationships and understand the impact they have on children’s social-emotional development. Analyze feelings, emotions, reactions, and biases towards children’s behavior. Recognize that children’s behaviors are...


El Uso Seguro del Extintor de Incendios

Crearán un plan prevenir incedios que efectiamente reduce la probabilidad de perder su propriedad. Aprenderán sobre los diferentes tipos de fuegos y los varios métodos de extinción. Cómo mantener su programa de acuerdo con las leyes y las regulaciones. • Esta entrenamiento cuenta como 2 horas en el área de: La salud, la seguridad y...


Orientación para el Programa de CCIP

Comprenda mejor la estructura y el propósito del Proyecto de Iniciativa de Cuidado Infantil (CCIP). Descubra las formas en que este programa le brindará apoyo y orientación en el proceso de aplicación para obtener su licencia de cuidado infantil. Reciba información sobre la página del Registro— una plataforma para la fuerza laboral de educadores y cuidadores de la edad temprana— y...


Parent Café: Strengthening Families and the Five Protective Factors

Join the Conversation via Zoom! The Parent Cafés are based on the Strengthening Families Framework and the Five Protective Factors. At the cafés, families will have meaningful, guided conversations about what matters most, our families and how to make them stronger. • To Register: https://ccrc.jotform.com/KWilliams/CCRC-FE-PCs-Registration


Early Literacy and Engaging with Text in Preschool Settings

Discuss the skills and competencies associated with early literacy. Explore what early literacy is and what it looks like in preschool. Identify the many opportunities there are for engaging children...


Child Development: Learn the Signs. Act Early

Recognize the characteristics of developmental milestones for children ages 2 months to 5 years. Discover tools such as the CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early guide to help you track...


Childhood Stress: Reducing the Risk and Building Resiliency

Understand the causes of stress and the harmful effects it has on children’s brains and bodies. Discover simple, everyday strategies to help support children’s mental and physical well-being. Learn how...