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                 earLy Head Start CHiLd Care PartnerSHiP
The Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) is a comprehensive program offering high quality full day and full year care to qualifying families, as well as training and support for child care providers. In doing so, low income children and families receive the healthy and enriching early experiences they need. The program is meant to provide support to children and families to ensure their child’s health and wellness, developmental milestones and family goals are met. During the 2016/17 year, 60 EHS-CCP partnerships were formed offering families access to health and dental care, mental health services, developmental, hearing and vision screening and support, as well as resources for children with disabilities. Gap funding was also provided for parents who had lost their subsidy until such time they could regain services.
Providers engaged in the program received classroom materials and supplies to support their curriculum and in turn increased their FCCERS/ITERS scores and overall improved their business. They were also granted a Surface Pro Tablet to help with ongoing communication with their coaches, lesson plans, portfolios, and DRDP’s. Coaches conducted almost 1,200 provider visits to offer support with development assessments, individualization and lesson planning. They also provided resources on nutrition, trainings on dealing with children exhibiting challenging behavior and special needs, as well as regularly monitoring health and safety practices in family child care settings. Fourteen participants enrolled in and completed college classes, 16 enrolled in online training, four received their Child Development Associate Teacher/ Teacher Assistant permit, one received their Child Development Program Director Permit and one received a BA in Early Childhood Development!
During the 2016/17 year, bi-monthly trainings were conducted where coaches provided a multitude of trainings, resources and services to participants. Training topics included Children With Disabilities, Health Requirements, Policy Council, Non-Federal Share, School Readiness, CLASS, FCCERS, Infant/Toddler Development, and Love and Logic (Behavior Management), Responsive Caregiving, Building Relationships with Families. Every training and service offered is intended to serve the overall well-being of the child through education, more informed parents, and highly trained providers – all of which have a positive impact on a developing child. All providers received diapers, wipes and gloves every month as well as facility improvements including fencing, shade structures, artificial turf and new winders.
As you can see from the results, this program has great impact on both the quality and access of child care in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The positive impacts of adequate care, nutrition, and cognitive stimulation during the early years has a lasting effect on a child’s lifetime health, emotional well-being and success.
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