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 Help at Home
Our Help at Home program provides parents the support and encouragement needed to help their child develop optimally at home early on. Typically, a certified parent educator pays each parent two home visits each month for up to five years. To keep families safe and engaged, the program immediately transitioned to virtual visits during the pandemic. We retained about 95% of enrolled families, who appreciated our transition to Zoom visits or phone calls for those without computer access. New grant funding supported 12 new positions, allowing us to expand Home Visiting services in the Antelope Valley to:
• Enhance parent-child relationships at home
• Expand parenting knowledge and skills
• Optimize child nutrition and brain development • Promote a safe, healthy home
Family Economics & the Cost of Care
Close to 330,000 children in CCRC’s service area live below the federal poverty level. For many families, affording child care is difficult.
According to the Economy Policy Institute, care for one child represents about 25 percent of a family’s income in California. The average cost of
child care in California is between $950-$1,400 per month, making it more expensive than in-state tuition for a 4-year public college.
Through the $331 million in county, state and federal funding we received, CCRC was able to provide subsidized care for
40,885 children. With many families facing reduced hours or unemployment, our work has never been more critical.
I just can’t believe this program exists. I have been telling my friends about it. They all tell me that they never heard
of this program and that it was never offered to them when they had their baby. They want to know how to
sign up. I’ve been telling them how much you help me.
- Mom in Home Visiting program
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 2019-2020 Highlights
 Connecting Parents with Child Care
Our Online Child Care Search offers thousands of parents free, personalized referrals every year.
Creating Conversations
With the successful creation and implementation of a Universal CCRC Child Care Application, parents and Child Care Specialists have in-depth conversations about choosing a plan that works best for each family and share additional information and resources.

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