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  Enhancing Quality
Virtual Trainings
By the end of 2020, CCRC made over 100 virtual trainings available for child care providers. Trainings included: Using Self-Care to Strengthen Relationships, The Power of Puppet Play, Childhood Stress: Reducing the Risk and Building Resiliency, Social Emotional Development of Children, Emergency Preparedness Hacks - Real Time Readiness for Child Care. We also introduced trainings on Integrated Pest Management/Integrated Germ Management and Child Care Lead Poisoning Prevention.
Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP)
CCRC received one-time CCIP expansion funding to
address the child care shortage and improve quality of
care for infants and toddlers. Funds assisted 123 San Bernardino County providers with start-up costs like fingerprinting, health and safety materials, and application fees. Participants received technical assistance with child development, child care environment setup, and health & safety. As a result, 39 participants completed the Community Care Licensing requirements, enabling them to open a family child care home program which increased the number of licensed child care providers.
Family, Friends and Neighbors (FFN)
CCRC’s Resource & Referral staff hosted in-person and virtual activities including trainings, story time, playgroups, outreach events, and one-on-one technical assistance. Historically, training participation among FFN providers
is lower than licensed providers but this year we saw a significant increase with 50 FFN providers completing trainings. FFN care is an important option to provide to parent with 3 out of 5 statewide caring for children with a child care subsidy. These providers helped establish much needed new family child care spaces for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
Interactive Videos
CCRC’s Youtube channel provides families and child care providers with critical information and fun, interactive things to do! We posted 30 original content videos including advice on how to speak with children about the pandemic, books read by local legislators, and how to make a healthy tuna snack at home. These educational videos received tens of thousands of views, with one episode watched over 3,300 times.
         Pivoting during the pandemic
  New Technology
Using the form generator JOTForm to quickly create applications, electronic forms and filing systems, CCRC more efficiently enrolled families in our services. This marked our first step towards fully operational electronic forms and files to better meet the current needs of our community.
Children of Essential Workers
We grew our contracts by 17.5%, enabling us to provide an additional 6,109 families with child care financial assistance.
Supplies for Providers
Through a collaborative effort across CCRC, over 8,000
child care providers applied electronically for cleaning supplies. Utilizing JOTForm to screen the applications, we approved 50% of them totaling over $4M dollars in financial support and supplies during the pandemic.
           2019 - 2020 Annual Report

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