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  [Our coach] supported me in finding ways to evolve my services to meet the needs of the community, while staying compliant. Our enrollment began to pick back up. We are
no longer treading water, we are swimming. [Our coach] not only helped me stay in business during
a crisis, but helped us improve our services, strengthening us with new skills, and refreshed us in areas that we needed refreshing in. Our teachers [have] improved in areas of class management, emotional support, academic guidance and more.
- Center-Based program manager
  This year, we educated child care providers on the benefits and functions of the California Early Childhood Education Workforce Registry, a statewide service with access to various trainings. We introduced San Bernardino County child care providers to the system, increasing our overall participation from a negligible percentage to as high as 60%.
     I went from a family exempt provider to almost being licensed! The dedication QSSB put into their new participants as myself is amazing.
I wanted to give up but my coach walked me through everything now
I am more confident than ever. I’m sooo ready to become licensed and I am almost there.
- Family, Friend and Neighbor provider
   QSSB has strengthened our preschool staff through coaching and trainings and has given proper classroom resources to achieve higher outcomes. As per parent observations, they’ve seen positive outcomes in their children’s skills, communication and a great joy to attend school. Our classrooms not only have better resources to use but knowing there is support to provide quality child care.
- Center-Based program manager
 Early Childhood Educator Professional Development
CCRC offers child care providers professional trainings, technical support, and a number of other free or low cost resources to improve their quality of care. Trainings have included topics such as COVID-19 response, infant meal patterns, safe sleep for baby, and emergency preparedness, among other important subjects.
Through various state and local grants, we’ve also been able to reimburse child care providers for CPR and First Aid training.
2019-2020 Highlights
     Other programs and services we’ve made available to early educators include the Gateways for Early Educators Training Program, Family Child Care Home Education Network, The Partnership, Quality Start Los Angeles and San Bernardino, Emergency Preparedness and our Training Academy.
            2019 - 2020 Annual Report

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