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  3) Establishing/Refining Regulations and Policies
 Long child care waitlists or inability to access waitlists for subsidized care due to lack of funding
 A resource parent commented, “[W]e’ve reached out to places [child care providers], most of them wanted to put us on a waitlist that could be up to like 9 months.”
 Lengthy child care provider approval process
 Lack of resources/services in language other than English
 Lack of flexibility in hours that child care is available or approved for subsidy
 If a resource parent works in industries with non-traditional hours [retail, medical, hospitality], requiring a set schedule will pose a significant barrier.
 Assisting biological parents with child care upon reunification to ensure stability and continuity of care  Child care often does not fit with resource parent needs (flexible hours, transportation, location)
4) Support and Resources for Providers  Provider financial challenges
 One provider spoke about how she gladly helped a struggling parent who had no transportation by going beyond her responsibilities and getting his children ready for school, dressing them, feeding them, and driving them to and from school, because it was critical for the children's well-being.
 Child care providers lack of knowledge to address the particular needs of young children who have experienced trauma, i.e., how to effectively deal with traumatized children, aggressive parents, and the 'spill-over' effect for the other children in care; TIC training; proper administration of medication; specialized care for children with special needs

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