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  1) Increase availability of information on how to obtain child care and reduce barriers to accessing child care!
 Expedite 30-day approval process for providers
 Child Care Navigator to help resource parents identify, and, when possible, obtain and maintain
child care
 Alternative methods to deal with long waitlists – increase available funding, navigator, hold slots
 Information in language(s) other than English is available through Resource and Referral agencies for child care and can be a resource for DCFS and resource parents
 Child Care Navigator to ensure child safety and permanency by helping biological parents with child care after reunification
 Flexibility in hours for child care – no requirement of set schedules
2) Increase affordability of child care!
 Back pay to fully cover child care expenses
 Have eligibility for child care funding follow the child, not the parent to
ensure safety and permanency upon reunification with biological parent
3) Provide necessary support and resources for providers!
 Specialized training in TIC; effectively dealing with parents and social workers; administering medication; workshops, and support groups
 Quality stipends for child care providers, i.e., providing transportation, clothing, diapers, food; training costs
  This project has been made possible with generous support provided by:
County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services
an anonymous donor
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