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                  Head Start BirtH to 5
Head Start is a leader in the early childhood field with a clear and comprehensive focus on all aspects of a child’s healthy development. This free program funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), serves pregnant women and children birth to five years old and their families, and is responsive to children and families with special needs. Most applicants meet the 100% threshold for income poverty guidelines.
Parents and staff work together to design individual family development plans to meet the needs of each family.
Children receive:
 Engaging, interactive educational activities in the center and/or at home
 Individualized development plans
 A chance to grow and learn with other children
 Nutritious family-style snacks and meals
 Dental and medical services
 Vision, hearing and speech screenings
 Participate in their child’s development
 Obtain referrals based on family goal planning and needs  Receive parent training and participate in events
 Attend monthly center meetings
 Provide input into curriculum planning and activities
 Volunteer in the classroom
Head Start Center LoCationS
 Grantee I #09CH9995 HS Center-Based
 Grantee II #09CH9139
 Grantee I #09CH9995 EHS Center-Based
 Grantee II #09CH9139 EHS (0 - 3)
 EHS CCP #09CH0009
 Average Monthly Enrollment
2016-2017 Program Report

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