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Financial Summary

Child Care Resource Center strategically manages expenses, mitigating costs while optimizing the services, programs and supports afforded to families and child care providers. As a result of leveraging funding through grants, private and government funds, CCRC is a financially sound non-profit. The organization’s overhead remains at 8%, leaving 92% of funding to directly impact children, families, child care providers and the community.

We believe that accountability includes transparent reporting of the agency budget, as well as a record of beneficial services that have measurable impacts on children, families and child care providers. Services are impartially assessed and are measured by funders, clients, CCRC leadership and staff, and our Board of Directors. Sharing our financial records, tax forms, and annual reports is a critical part of being an accountable organization.


The Annual Report provides an in-depth look at the agency’s accomplishments, vision and ongoing aspirations to bring valuable resources to those we serve.

Financial Statements:

Tax returns can be provided upon request.