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Capital News: CCRC advocates for child care, provider rates, care options

In support of our efforts to uplift children and families CCRC cultivates strong partnerships with lawmakers, and advocates for policy and budget initiatives to support the needs of our community.

In April, CCRC Government Relations Director Dr. LaWanda Wesley provided panel testimony on the California Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services. She testified: “Our child care workforce is leaving to go to other industries. And all work is dignified work, but when you leave an industry where you had a college educated skill taking professional development on and on and on to go work for McDonald’s or In-and-Out, because they can provide benefits and our field still doesn’t have that in a comprehensive way. So, we want parity with other sectors, care industries and K-12 partners.”

As a member of the ECE Budget Coalition, CCRC is joining in advocacy to increase child care provider reimbursement rates by 25% to meet the immediate financial crisis and a reformed and equitable family fee system. CCRC worked with partners in April to secure early action to extend family fee waivers for child care programs through the end of September and continues to advocate for the full budget package.

Senate Bill 635 would offer developmental screenings to all children 0-5 who are enrolled in subsidized child care programs.

Assembly Bill 596 and Senate Bill 380 aim to improve the method of calculating subsidy payment rates for child care and development services, and California state preschool program services. These rate bills have been added to the priority list for the legislative women’s caucus this year.

And, Assembly Bill 51 would enhance and expand the state’s mixed delivery system as increased access to universal-Transitional Kindergarten expands. It also works to ensure children and families have access to resource and referral services to know about their options in the mixed delivery system that best meets their needs, as well provides information about developmentally appropriate learning programs.

The government relations team visits Senate and Assembly offices weekly to inform legislators on these issues. We’ve also attended several Senate and Assembly hearings to provide key witness and public testimony supporting our bills.

This week, CCRC’s President &CEO, Vice President & CSO, Government Relations team, and Board Members visited the state capital to advocate for state budget investments and legislation that support child, family and community well-being.

CCRC’s President and CEO, along with the Government Relations team, meet with Assm. Eloise Gómez Reyes

CCRC Board Member Sandy Fajardo who participated in the Board Day at the Capital visits said her experience testifying and listening to others speak was motivating. “I really got to see all the hard work that CCRC puts into bringing in resources to our community and I gained the opportunity to speak with representatives of my community,” she said.

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