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CCRC Receives $1.4 Million to Provide Home Visitation Services

Los Angeles County, July 24, 2014 – First5 California awards Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) $1.4 million to provide Home Visitation services to increase the number of children 0 through age 5 who are physical and emotional healthy, safe and ready to learn. Home Visitation is a First 5 initiative directly linked to the Welcome Baby Initiative that has been implemented in the 14 Best Start Communities throughout Los Angeles County.

Over the course of 5 years, CCRC will work with over 1,400 families living in Pacoima, Panorama City, Palmdale, and Lancaster. At risk families who give birth at Welcome Baby-affiliated hospitals will be referred to CCRC’s Home Visitation program.

Each family enrolled will receive two home visits each month from a certified parent educator. Parents will be provided with information that is specific to their child’s development, including activities to help baby grow, expectations of child’s behavior as they grow and a complete screening of the child’s vision, hearing and development.

By participating in the Home Visitation program, families will have support in all aspects of raising a healthy child. They will gain the skills they need to be successful parents and the children will gain a significant amount of accomplishment in their learning abilities, language development and social skills, giving them the head start they need to succeed in school and life.

The Home Visitation grant will have an immense impact on our community. When parents the skills they need to provide their children the best life possible, they are creating a positive nurturing life for the whole family. Also when a child is healthy and is succeeding in school, the parents can focus on their work and maintain financial independence. Also, when a child starts school successfully they have a higher chance of continuing on the same path, which will lead to a higher education and job success.

For more information about CCRC’s Home Visitation Program, please contact us at (818) 717-1000 or (661) 789-1200.

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