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CCRC welcomes U.S. Congressman’s push for expanded child tax credit

For many families who struggle to make ends meet, the expansion of the child tax credit during the pandemic helped temporarily lift them out of poverty. To continue that support for families, U.S. Congressman Pete Aguilar addressed the press at CCRC’s San Bernardino office on Friday to announce support for a bill that would reduce the tax burden for some working families.

House Resolution 7024, known as the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act, would increase the Child Tax Credit from $1,600/child/year to $2,000/child/year by 2025. When the federal child tax credit was increased through the American Rescue Act, it benefited 168,000 children in Aguilar’s district, which includes a large portion of San Bernardino County. He believes the expansion under HR 7024 would help at least 61,000 households.

Naomi Vasquez, a mother of two daughters born prematurely, knows all too well the balancing required to pay ongoing medical and monthly bills, provide for family, and build a savings. “Having this extra money would not only help families in the Inland Empire, but offer a financial break,” said Vasquez. “Families are under such stress living paycheck to paycheck and I think this bill would offer a financial cushion.”

The bill passed the house committee on Thursday and is headed to the Senate for a vote.

“Our country has seen tremendous economic progress over the last three years, and this bill will continue to drive forward the progress we have made for families and businesses in the Inland Empire by lowering their taxes,” said Aguilar. “The expanded Child Tax Credit and the other tax relief provisions within this bill will help us support our hardworking parents, help local businesses continue to grow and create more good-paying jobs in our region.”

CCRC San Bernardino Regional Director James Moses called it an honor to partner with Aguilar on this issue.

“This bill includes provisions to temporarily expand the child tax credit for millions of families,” said Moses. “This would be a welcome financial relief for many California families who struggle to meet the basic needs for their children.”

Families in need of child and family supports, like referrals for child care, housing, and employment, are encouraged to visit our Developmental Care Coordination program page on the CCRC website.

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