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Child Care Resource Center receives a grant from Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation has granted Child Care Resource Center
(CCRC) a $50,000 grant to purchase new equipment for their copy, print and design center. CCRC’s state of the art Business Center is one of three self-sustaining social enterprise ventures that create innovative and high
impact solutions to social issues.

As a social service agency, CCRC has a rich history of cultivating child, family and community well-being. The growth of this five-year-old venture is an integral part of the organizational’s overall strategy to provide critical services to underserved populations in Los Angeles County.

The Business Center provides high quality print and design services to over 40 local non-profits, often reducing their printing costs. And, any excess revenue is reinvested into programs and services for local children and families. Currently, the Business Center designs and prints over 100 different documents, with volumes ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 impressions each, for an average of 350,000 impressions every month.

The $50,000 investment from Ralph M. Parsons Foundation will provide the funding for CCRC to purchase a wide format printer and expand the Business Center’s services. With a wide format printer, we will have the ability to communicate information to an even larger audience with banners, vinyl stickers, window decals, adhesive banners, backdrops, vehicle wraps, and indoor and outdoor displays,” relates CCRC’s President and CEO, Michael Olenick. 

This will give CCRC’s clients maximum visibility and the ability to make the most of limited marketing and advertising budgets. If you are a non-profit, contact CCRC’s Business Center at (818) 717-1070 for all of your copy, print and design needs.

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