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Election 2020: Return Your Mail in Ballot

This year, every registered California voter received a mail-in-ballot. For those who choose to submit their ballot by mail instead of the traditional polls, there are many options for returning the voting document. Just make sure it’s postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 3. Regardless of where you return your ballot, it does not require a stamp.

Before you return your completed ballot, make sure you’ve signed and dated the back of the enclosed envelope. Anyone you authorize can return your ballot for you but it must include your signature. That signature will be compared to the one the County has on file for you, which is likely your driver’s license. If the signatures don’t match, you could be required to complete a verification form.

Voters who live in Los Angeles County can return their ballot to an official ballot drop box. These boxes are securely connected to the ground to prevent tampering and are clearly marked. Ballots are regularly collected from these boxes and they can be accepted here through Election Day.

If you don’t live in Los Angeles County or you decide not to return your ballot in the official drop box, you can also return your ballot by dropping it off in any USPS mailbox, at your county elections office, or any voting location.

Once you’ve submitted your ballot, use the free tracker to follow your ballot’s path to the county elections office. To register to track your ballot, you must input your first and last name, birth date, and zip code. This service allows you to see when your ballot is received, when it’s been processed, and whether there are any issues with it. You can choose to receive these updates by text, call, or email.

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