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Family who received CCRC services returns support as donors

The couple knew they wanted to have children, but when they learned they couldn’t conceive on their own, the Morenos decided to foster two young girls.

“We thought, let’s help a foster child out, help them get their life together,” says David Moreno.

Now, three and a half years into fostering the girls, the couple is working to adopt them.

“All the love they have, it’s amazing and forever changed my life,” says David.

The girls, who are now 4 and 5 years old, have come a long way since they first met their foster parents.

“They were behind on speech and everything else because they were neglected when they were younger,” he explains. “They needed special care because we took them to a regular child care but it wasn’t that helpful. They recommended a child development center so that’s what we did, that’s how we found CCRC.”

Through CCRC referrals and resources, David and his wife accessed specialized care for the girls.

“They received occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy at the school. Now they’re flourishing,” recalls David. “At first, we were like, ‘Are they ever going to talk?’ Now, it’s like oohhh that’s what people talk about with kids.”

The girls now freely share their distinct personalities – one is more creative, while the other taps into her logic brain. With their development now on track, the girls are thriving and CCRC’s services are no longer needed.

“When we left, CCRC was still trying to offer support, saying ‘You’re sure you don’t need it?’ And we’re like ‘No, we’re good.’”

But that wouldn’t be the end of the relationship. At CCRC’s Poker Tournament fundraiser in October, we saw a friendly face.

“It seemed like a great cause,” he says. “You guys have given us so much, I felt like we had to give something back, at least that. And when we came here, everyone was so awesome.”

Once a recipient of services, now a donor, David says he’s forever grateful for the support.

“You guys are amazing,” says David. “Your services were really needed at the time, and you were super helpful.”

CCRC offers developmental screenings for children aged 0-5 who receive subsidized child care. Learn more about our Developmental Care Coordination Program.

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