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Fire permit fee charged to some child care providers in error

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The Child Care Law Center is warning licensed Family Child Care Home providers not to pay the fire permit fee issued in November by the City of Los Angeles.

All large FCCs received notice of the $501 fee in November 2021. Some providers did contact the city when the first fee was issued and were told the charge was an error and that the annual fire permits are no longer required for FCCs. However, this past month, an automatic billing went out to FCCs again, this time with a late payment penalty assessment of $250.50 added to the original fee.

Child Care Law Center is advising Resource and Referral agencies statewide to contact FCCs and let them know this is a billing error and they are not responsible for the permit fee or associated late fee. Providers who already paid the fee charged after March 19, 2021 should apply for a refund from the City of L.A. The Child Care Law Center has already notified city leaders about the issue.

For any questions, contact Veronica at the City of Los Angeles Finance Department: (844) 663-4411. The LA Office of Finance Fire Permit table also shows “Day Care Occupancy/Large Family Daycare (9-14)” also should not be charged a fee. Click here to apply for the refund.

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