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Global publication recognizes CCRC CEO and President Dr. Michael Olenick for excellence


A globally distributed business magazine that highlights the world’s most successful leaders, executives, investors and entrepreneurs is highlighting the work of Child Care Resource Center CEO and President Dr. Michael Olenick.

The CEO Publication, which produces a list of top 20 CEOs in the U.S. each quarter, named Olenick one of the most dynamic business leaders of the year in its most recent review.

“These CEOs have not only transformed their lives but also the organizations they are leading, and the lives of all those who surround them,” the article, which you can read here, states. “Each edition of ours features iconic leaders who are responsible for taking their organizations to new heights, all the while bringing together a group of talented individuals.”

The feature highlights CCRC’s response to the pandemic, noting how we distributed $6 million in cleaning supplies, 11,000 children’s books, 225,000 face coverings, 400,000 diapers, and almost 13,000 bags of food over the last eight months. It also focuses on how Olenick has not only navigated the challenges presented to the agency, which depends on state and federal funding, but how our services have even expanded to assist the growing number of families in need in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.

“Discussing the present pandemic, Dr. Olenick says that it has become apparent that essential workers need child care to provide their services,” the article states. “Many of these workers are low-income earners, and without financial assistance, they cannot pay for child care.”

As one of the few CEOs of a non-profit featured in this edition of the publication, Olenick also explains what makes CCRC exceptional compared to other non-profits that may struggle to balance their modest budgets.

“During my 17 years as CEO of the CCRC, the agency has grown from an $89 million budget and 300 employees to our current $360 million budget with 1,000 employees,” said Olenick. “CCRC is a complex organization managing over 60 individual contracts and this doesn’t happen by accident.”

The article concludes with a quote from Olenick about the launch of a consultation program that can provide Mental Health services to child care providers in an effort to address the stress and anxiety experienced by the children in their care.

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