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Help CCRC raise funds for annual holiday drive to benefit 2,500 local families

The COVID-19 pandemic is making it more difficult than ever this holiday season for families to provide food and gifts to their children.

Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) is supporting families in need for the 11th straight year with our 2020 Home for the Holidays Food, Book and Toy Drive. We need your help to make this holiday season “merry and bright” for families in Northern Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.

A mother in San Bernardino who received food, books and toys at CCRC’s holiday distribution event last year says the pandemic is making this holiday season more stressful than ever. Amanda Garcia cares for her 4-year-old son, 18-month-old daughter, and her fiancé’s elderly father. Recently, Amanda and two others in her home tested positive for COVID-19. The exposure forced Amanda’s fiancé to stay home from work and the rest of the family to quarantine at home.

“I can’t go out and shop for my kids,” Amanda said. “If I could get a little bit of help, it would provide some peace of mind. I like to see them smile. If they feel bummed out, I’m bummed out. If I can’t (provide for them) this year, it’s definitely going to hit bottom.”

Amanda isn’t the only concerned parent. Many of the families we serve were already struggling before the pandemic. In fact, close to 330,000 children in CCRC’s service area live below the federal poverty level.

“So many families in Southern California are already on a tight budget and these past eight months have been especially challenging, considering the added financial hardship of the pandemic,” CCRC CEO and President Dr. Michael Olenick said. “These are our neighbors and friends. We’re calling on our community members and business leaders to join us in making this a season of hope for local children and families.”

At last year’s event, we collected and distributed more than 10,000 books and toys to deserving children in our local community. Educational books and toys can truly make a difference in a family’s life and we believe it helps cultivates a sense of greater family well-being.

“Year after year, our generous community steps up to make sure kids and their families have a reason to smile during the holidays,” CCRC Communications Director Susan Montalvo said. “So many people are struggling right now just to pay rent and put food on the table, they don’t have money left over for presents. This is the season of giving and we hope our community thinks of CCRC and the thousands of families we serve.”

Click here to make a $25 donation, which funds a holiday package for one family. CCRC has
an ambitious goal this year of raising $62,500 to give a holiday meal, books and toys to 2,500 families. Donations made to support our holiday drive stay here in our local community.

“I look forward to the holidays. I’m thanking God that I’m still here with my children,” Amanda said. “Knowing there are kind people out there willing to provide us parents, families, care givers something like that, I feel it’s a blessing from God. I’m so thankful for people like that.”

To ensure health and safety, families will now receive toys by going through a drive-thru style pickup.

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