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Informed Voters are the best Voters

The 2018 Midterm Election is just two months away. California voters will have the opportunity to elect both the next Governor and State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI).

The Los Angeles Times has outlined the two gubernatorial candidates and their stances. We encourage you to strive to be an educated voter to the best of your ability. CCRC’s Government Relations team attended a debate hosted by the Public Policy Institute of California last Friday, August 24, 2018, where candidates Marshall Tuck and Tony Thurmond discussed education issues and what they plan to change should they become the next State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The next State Superintendent will head the California Department of Education, which oversees all of California’s public school systems, including early education programs. Our Government Relations team has provided a brief overview of each candidate’s platforms, as stated at the debate:
Marshall Tuck stated his top education priority is creating an equitable educational system and closing the opportunity gap experienced by Black and Latino students. Tuck plans to create equity by empowering teachers in low-income areas and funneling more funding toward education, especially to underperforming schools. In addition, Tuck plans to decrease bureaucracy and shorten the state Education Code to make the education system and laws easier to navigate.

Meanwhile, Tony Thurmond stated his top education priority is to modernize the state’s curriculum standards and emphasize critical thinking skills, as opposed to answer recognition or “teaching to the test.” Thurmond also wants to reduce costs for families by expanding free lunch and food stamps programs. Lastly, Thurmond plans to invest in teachers by offering professional development opportunities and raising their wages.
Early Childhood Education was briefly touched upon at the debate. Both candidates announced a goal of implementing Universal Preschool and Thurmond mentioned the importance of teaching children from birth.

We encourage you to register to vote and cast your ballot in the upcoming election on November 6th, as well as educate yourself further on each candidate’s position.

Click here to watch the debate on the PPIC website.
Click here to Register to Vote.
Click here for Marshall Tuck’s campaign website.
Click here for Tony Thurmond’s campaign website.

Keep a lookout for more “Informed Voter” posts by CCRC to come!

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