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LA Business Journal honors CCRC with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion award

For our work to support and inspire diversity, inclusion, and equity in both the workplace and in the communities that we serve, CCRC has been named the winner of the Los Angeles Business Journal’s DEI award.

The annual award honors diversity, equity, and inclusion champions in the L.A. region for their ongoing efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace and business leadership. At the same, these organizations must simultaneously create an inclusive environment that enables diversity and equity to thrive. CCRC won the DEI Nonprofit Organization of the Year (Large).

CCRC participated in last year’s panel and we were nominated for an award this year. Our nomination outlined the agency’s DEI strategic plan, including staff engagement opportunities, and our DEI Division’s work to advance these issues and work toward equitable outcomes.

“What I love about DEI work, is that it takes the commitment of all our leaders to truly make a change,” says CCRC DEI Director Sarah Toutant. “Being honored with this award is a testament to our collective commitment as an agency to be intentional, use our voices to advocate for equity, and pave the way for a future that is inclusive and just. I am excited for the future of DEI work at CCRC.”

According to LA Business Journal reporting ,about 2,000 CEOs in the U.S have now signed a pledge to act on supporting a more inclusive workplace for millions of employees across the nation. However, new findings from the Advanced 2021/22 Trends Report show that 74% of employees believe the main focus of their organization is on business growth and development and not Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). CCRC’s earlier establishment of a DEI Council and the development of a DEI Division is part of our promise to uplift and empower all members of our staff and community.

Last year’s winner in this category was GoodRx, an American healthcare company that utilizes telehealth. CCRC was named the winner on Wednesday during a Live luncheon and Symposium event.

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