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New budget planning solution, Adaptive Insights, streamlines CCRC’s financial processes

CCRC has grown from an agency with revenues of $120M in FY 2007-08 to over $200M budgeted for the current fiscal year. With this growth, and one of our strategic plan goals to utilize technology solutions that facilitate internal communications, dissolve boundaries and increase productivity, we recognized the immediate need for a budget planning, financial reporting and forecasting solution that moves us away from using Excel schedules. As a result of our efforts, we adopted and rolled out Adaptive Insights (AI) this past budget cycle.

AI is a robust, interactive and user-friendly solution that benefits CCRC by:

  • Streamlining budgeting and forecasting cycles and reducing the time it takes to complete these efforts, allowing more time for analysis
  • Enabling us to get beyond transactional accounting and into more organization-wide collaboration to support our mission and strategic goals
  • Improving staff participation and responsibility for performance
  • Providing program and department staff with timely and easy access to financial information
  • Enabling us to develop operational and financial metrics that can be measured and monitored regularly for decision-making

“As with any software implementation, we’re tackling this effort in multiple phases. We’re excited about the many features and tools that AI provides, and look forward to continuing our work with staff to fully realize the benefits of this solution.” said Denise Trinh, CCRC’s CFO. 

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