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Our Farmers Insurance Volunteers Rock!

On June 18th, 60 dedicated Farmers Insurance employees helped beautify CCRC’s Zine Head Start preschool! The day was filled with hard work and fun, and we would like to thank Farmers Insurance for including this event as part of their 2019 Intern Orientation.

Volunteers spent 180 hours collectively beautifying Head Start’s outdoor space by painting hopscotch and tricycle paths, weeding and planting colorful flowers, and sanding newly built benches for seating areas. A cozy and inviting reading corner was constructed and brand new donated books were organized for the little learners! In one day, the volunteers transformed the space into a fun and artistic environment designed to promote learning and creativity!

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“Farmers Insurance really appreciates CCRC offering our staff the opportunity to spend a day together team building and developing new relationships, while giving back to the community. Thanks to CCRC’s Communications and Head Start Team for organizing the day and all of the projects. Everything was well organized and it was easy to transition from one station to the next,” Stephanie Labedz, Farmers Insurance, Human Resources Chief of Staff, Intern Coordinator.

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CCRC is thankful to the employees for taking time out of their day to give back to our children and families. We welcome individuals, corporations and other groups to help us fulfill our mission to cultivate child, family and community well-being. If you are interested in volunteering or scheduling a volunteer day for your employees, contact Lucy Capurro at [email protected].

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