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Our Head Start Center Director Angelee brings experience, creativity to the program

When you enroll your child in Child Care Resource Center’s Head Start program, you’re entrusting your child’s education and development with highly trained and qualified professionals like Angelee Oster.

Angelee is now a Head Start center director but previously taught pre-school for 12 years and has experience working in a child development lab.

A Lancaster native, Angelee has a B.A. in child development from Chico State University and a Masters in early childhood education from Pacific Oaks College.

From an early age, Angelee knew she loved working with kids. She babysat often as a teenager and became fascinated by the incredible way babies, toddlers, and young children develop. This passion for child care followed her to college but there, her focus changed.

“Originally, I wanted to work with teenagers but once I began working in a preschool environment, I realized that was my passion,” Angelee said. “They’re so curious and have so much to learn, a willingness to learn, and are genuinely happy humans ready for molding.”

As a center director, Angelee assists teachers in creating their lesson plans, makes connections with families, and oversees the learning experience as a whole.

When the pandemic forced Head Start and other schooling online, Angelee was quick to take on the transition with positivity and optimism.

“It’s great because we’re using a curriculum that guides and supports parents as teachers,” Angelee said. “We facilitate activities but (parents) gain knowledge about how their child is growing and developing and they’re learning skills for continued at home development. We provide actual information on how your child’s brain process works.”

Her preferred style of teaching includes making toys and activities instead of purchasing them because she believes kids get so much more out of using things they see in daily life than finding it at a store.

“I have a role in creating learning kits that help individualize what teachers are doing when they teach – exploring textures, colors, etc.,” Angelee said.

When she’s not working with children, Angelee loves to read and care for fur babies.

“I’m currently fostering cats and dogs,” Angelee said. “I’m passionate about animals and right now I’m fostering a cat that’s diabetic. I have to give him insulin shots. Up until two weeks ago, I had a mom and kittens for eight weeks.”

Angelee is excited to work with your family and help your child achieve his or her learning and development goals.

CCRC Head Start and Early Head Start is now enrolling children ages 0-5. Click here to learn more.

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