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Striving Towards Wellness

Tuesday April 30, 2019 CCRC celebrated the culmination of their Annual Striving Towards Wellness program. This event recognized parents from our Head Start program have been participating in a 4-week health education and physical activity workshops throughout the month of April. We liked to express extreme gratitude to Western dental who sponsored the event with a $13,500 donation that will be used to continue the efforts to advance physical and medical health for Head Start students and their families.

“As a parent I know we worry about our kids a lot, but we never worry about ourselves. It’s time for parents to start thinking, ‘I got to worry about myself too. If I’m not here to care for my kids, who’s going to be?’ If we aren’t taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and even dentally that affects the whole family not just the kids.” David Ocha, Western Dental Community Outreach Specialist.

HS StrivingforWellness JGuajan WM 001We are grateful to Western Dental for truly understanding and supporting the mission behind CCRC’s Striving Towards Wellness initiative. The purpose of this month long program was to equip parents with tangible and affordable methods and resources that would allow them to enhance their family’s nutritional efforts. CCRC partnered with California State University, Northridge Public Health Department to craft multiple free trainings and workshops that taught parents healthy eating habits, the benefits behind healthy living, and resources to aid in their goal.

Head Start recognizes that overall health with a family unit can effect school performance and readiness for children.

“With Head Start, school readiness begins with health. When we see families doing healthy things together we hope that the children will inherit these habits for their future. We are seeing that the children are motivating the parents and in turn the parents are motivating the children.” Ruby Martinez, Head Start Health Manager.

The day’s events brought out multiple representative from local business who also believe in the mission and featured a mommy and me Zumba class. Parents were thrilled to interact with each other and their little ones while getting some fun exercise.

HS StrivingforWellness JGuajan WM 003“This program has planted of being informed and [recognizing] healthy choices. I didn’t realize how many sugars were in these juices that I thought were healthy. It was a good day. I had fun with my kids and seeing them get to dance, I wish I could dance.” Henry and Susana J., parents of three.

This program is available to all of 1400 students and their families in our Head Start locations. It started as a 30-minute walk coordinated to our sites to get parents moving and engaged in their child’s classroom and has grown into multiple classes and activities including yoga, dance, CPR training, lactation courses and more. If have any questions about this program, CCRC, or CCRC operated Head Starts please contact [email protected], or call 818-717-1036.

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