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Supporting our Essential Workforce One Donation at a Time!

Child Care Resource Center is distributing thousands of essential items on a weekly basis to parents and child care providers in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.

On April 4th, Governor Newsom released an executive order recognizing child care providers as part of the essential workforce. Two weeks later, on April 18th, CCRC held its first distribution drive thru event for parents and child care providers in Northern Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. Since then, CCRC has been hosting two distribution drive thru events EVERY WEEK!

The Distribution Drive Thru events supply child care providers with face coverings (donated by Senator Holly Mitchell) and parents with diapers, perishable food, fruits and vegetables, books, and educational activities for children to enjoy and continue their learning.

Over the last few weeks, hundreds of recipients patiently waited in lines and expressed how thankful they were to receive the items. Jessica, a CCRC parent shared her experience “I am so blessed to experience and be a part of the CCRC community. This morning the CCRC community greeted my daughters and I with so much love and positive attitudes. I left the [donation] drive thru warehouse with a grateful heart filled with an “it’s going to be okay” mindset. [] Yesterday I had only 10 diapers left with only $17 dollars in my bank account (until I get paid on the 10th of May). I didn’t know what to do. It was a blessing [CCRC] reached out to me and helped me. My daughters have books and I have diapers to last me a few months. Thank you so much. CCRC has helped me with child care to achieve my college education I get my associates degree this June and I will transfer to a four year in the fall . My goal is to become financially independent and educated. I just had to gratitude to you. Thank you” – Jessica, CCRC parent

Myra Brown’s husband, from Brown Family Child Care (FCC), drove from Victorville to our San Bernardino office to not only receive donations for their own FCC but also to help gather and deliver to local providers who weren’t able to attend – all with a smile on his face.

Untitled design 2“I really like that they [providers] are looking out for each other. Everyone was grateful and had a positive attitude”– Lilia Rodriguez, San Bernardino Child Development Specialist.

Giving from the Heart

We can’t thank our donors enough for their contributions!

Senator Holly Mitchell


DBS Bank

Food Forward

First Book

New York Life

Stein Family Fund at the California Community Foundation

Because of their generosity, we distributed and COUNTING:

35,388 diapers

21,776 granola bars

4,500 children’s books

2,500 coloring books

1,300 toothbrushes

600 pencils

500 cleaning products

350 food bags

300 face coverings

276 STEAM activity kits

250 packs of wipes

250 shampoo bottles

200 packs of crayons

165 packs of markers



In addition, over 800 flyers, 550 Census books, and 500 promotional items (hats, shirts, and pins) were given out for them to wear proudly and as they encourage their families to complete the 2020 U.S. Census.

Together We Can Move Forward

As child care providers are called to take action and be on the front line at this unprecedented time, we ask for you to support them by providing the essential2 supplies they need to stay in business.

Donate today to our Child Care Essential Supplies Drive 2020. Every little bit helps! Suggested donation items include face coverings or masks, No-touch thermometers, baby food, hand sanitizer, gloves, toilet paper and more. For a complete list and to find out more click here: Essential Supplies Drive 

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or at 866-67-4KIDS.



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