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Quality Start

Quality Start is a nationwide movement designed to support early learning professionals in the continuous improvement of their family child care home or center-based programs. Offered in both Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, Quality Start operates directly at the child care site level, providing hands-on support in the form of coaching, professional development, and family engagement. Quality Start also provides direct support to parents as they choose an early learning program that is right for their child(ren).

Benefits of participating in Quality Start:

  • Access to high-quality professional development opportunities.
  • Quality improvement support through one-on-one coaching tailored to the individual needs of your center or family child care home.
  • Incentives to help improve your environment and the overall quality of your program.

As a participant in Quality Start, you will receive the acknowledgment and support needed to reinforce your program’s high standards. Through this  strengths-based approach, you will build upon your successes for continuous program development.

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