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Event Series Grupo de Juego [Victorville]

Grupo de Juego [Victorville]

CCRC Victorville Office

¡Usted y su pequeño están invitados a acompañarnos en nuestro Grupo de Juego Virtual! Durante esta sesión: - Nuestros expertos en la edad temprana, planearan actividades para motivar la interacción entre adultos y niños - Todas las actividades y las experiencias son basadas en temas que preparan a los pequeños para ser exitosos en la...

Learn the Signs. Act Early – Knowledge Parent Café [Palmdale]

CCRC Antelope Valley Office 250 Grand Cypress Ave, Palmdale, CA 93551

Parents! You're invited to our upcoming Learn the Signs. Act Early - Knowledge Café. At this session, you and other participants will: – Recognize the characteristics of developmental milestones for children ages 2 months to 5 years – Discuss the importance of tracking your child’s development to help with early identification of possible delays –...

Event Series Virtual Playgroups

Virtual Playgroups


Children and their caregivers are invited to join us from the comfort of their home in our Virtual Playgroup series! Each week, caregivers learn strategies and activities they can implement at home to promote school readiness and high level child care. Activities are designed to promote cognitive, social, physical development in an inexpensive way. Children...

Playgroup – In person [Victorville]

Join us for an in-person playgroup experience in Victorville! Each week our early childhood experts will plan activities that encourage adult-child interaction throughout the session and beyond. All activities and experiences are based on topics that will prepare children for success. Children and their caregivers will engage with other participants while singing songs, reading stories, and...