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Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) is pleased to announce it has received funding to develop an 18-month pilot program to promote Vroom in Los Angeles County. Funding for the Vroom grant was provided by The LA Partnership for Early Childhood Investment, led by their mission to invest in and promote innovations that advance the lifelong health and well-being of Los Angeles County children age 0-5.

“We’re excited to be working with CCRC to bring Vroom’s family-engagement tools to LA County,” said Steven Cahn, Program Manager at The Los Angeles Partnership “Vroom helps reinforce a simple but powerful truth: parents and other family members already have what it takes to foster the development of young children and to help them thrive. CCRC’s depth of experience and extensive network that spreads throughout the county make it a perfect organization to lead this effort as we try to reach as many parents and families as possible.”

Vroom is an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation, born out of early childhood research that shows the first five years of life are critically important to children’s future learning and success. With Vroom, everyday interactions between children and parents can result in lasting brain building – capitalizing on the 1 million new neural connections per second that children can experience at this age. While genes make up the brain’s blueprint, positive early experiences with adults create the foundation for lifelong learning.

“During the pilot, CCRC will engage LA families, child care providers, business leaders, non-profit partners and community leaders with Vroom tips and activities. The mission of CCRC’s Vroom pilot program is to build and sustain a coalition of organizations to increase the number of families utilizing Vroom’s approach,” announced Dr. Michael Olenick, CCRC’s President & CEO.

If you work with children 0-5, please contact us at 818-717-1036 to learn more about opportunities to promote positive brain building moments.


About The LA Partnership of Early Childhood Investment:
A public-private collaboration of the country’s largest private foundations, family foundations, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, First 5 LA, and key government agencies.

About CCRC:
CCRC has been serving children and families since 1976. CCRC’s mission is to cultivate child, family and community well-being. As one of the largest non-profits in the state of California with a service area of 22,500 square miles, we currently provide services to 50,000 children and families every month.

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