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Building dedicated after committed, longtime CCRC Board Member

Child Care Resource Center’s esteemed Board of Directors helps us navigate the challenges of expanding services to families in need. For going above and beyond his duties to provide exceptional support to our community, CCRC presented one long time board member with a special honor.

Ed Hill has served as board chair multiple times and has served CCRC in a number of different capacities since 2003.

To thank him for his service, CCRC is dedicating our newly renovated Antelope Valley building after Mr. Hill.

“I didn’t think a guy like me would ever be honored with a building named after him, but it’s such a great thing and it’s been fantastic to be part of this,” said Hill after the May ceremony. “I’ve been on the board for a number of years, and I’ve tried real hard to make CCRC a better organization in my small way. But I think with our incoming board and chair, Adrian Stern, the best is yet to come.”

Hill, who is currently Chair Emeritus, is the president of Geotechnologies, Inc. which has consulted on more than 21,000 projects. Hill oversees marketing, client development, coordination and performance of field exploration, laboratory testing and preparation of formal geotechnical reports. He is a geotechnical engineer, engineering geologist, and practicing attorney.

“Ed was on the Board of Directors before I arrived and on my first interview panel,” recalls CCRC President & CEO Dr. Michael Olenick. “He served as secretary and then served three different terms as chair. Ed was always a calm lead and a pragmatic sounding board for me. He also has many other talents, including singing at Carnegie Hall with a men’s choral group  recording an album of Frank Sinatra songs, and acting in musical theater in Santa Clarita.”

When we first approached him about joining the CCRC board over 15 years ago, Mr. Hill says he was leaning toward turning down the offer until he learned someone in his professional circle directly benefited from the agency.

“I had the CCRC materials laying on my desk when my admin at the time came in and noticed it,” Hill recalls. “She looked down asked how I knew about CCRC. I told her I’d met with them and they asked me to be on their board. She started to cry and said her husband had left her and her child and she wouldn’t have made it without CCRC.”

Hill says he’s still flood with emotion today as he remembers being in that moment, realizing then that he simply had to join the ranks of an organization that had such a powerful impact on the life of his colleague.

Among those in attendance of the building dedication ceremony were:

Charles Bostwick, Assistant Field Deputy for LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger

Kimble Goodman, Field Representative for Assemblymember Juan Carrillo

Brandon Roque, Field Representative for State Senator Scott Wilk

Jackie Owens, Field Representative for Congressman Mike Garcia

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