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CCRC Awarded a two-year grant of $100,000 from the Stein Early Childhood Development Fund

December 4, 2018

Chatsworth, Ca – Child Care Resource Center is pleased to announce it has received a two-year grant of $100,000 ($50,000 Year 1 and $50,000 Year 2) from theStein Early Childhood Development Fund. These funds will support CCRC’s continued efforts to promote the growing need for family child care, and increase public perception and access to resources available to them.

With the vision of strengthening the community as a whole, CCRC provides LA County’s most vulnerable and underserved populations with a wide range of resources and services surrounding the early education child care and community as a whole. opportunities that encourage family success with a focus in child care. With the assistance of the Stein Grant, over the next two years CCRC will create bilingual (English/Spanish) episodic content on topics such as creating and maintaining a daily routine, behavior management, developmental delays in children, nonviolent problem solving and positive reinforcement which will be featured on YouTube.

The videos will emphasize the effects of positive, nurturing adult-child interactions on the development of executive functioning skills, serve and return exchange, and successful social, emotional and cognitive development of children birth to three years of age. In doing so, CCRC will be creating dependable and resourceful information for families and those working with children to further understand the needs of young learners.

“We are extremely grateful and excited that Stein Early Childhood Development recognizes the importance and need for easily accessible online content for parents, caregivers and childcare providers. Our clients need reliable resources that are both engaging and educational. This funding will allow us to continue the same quality of service we’ve been offering for years, in a digital format.” Dr. Michael Olenick, president and CEO of Child Care Resource Center.

CCRC has been advocating for, building up and celebrating the art of child care for over 40 years. Their work in these communities has laid the foundation for implementing impactful programs to strengthen all children and families. The creation of this content will further their philanthropic investment into LA County and beyond.

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