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CCRC spreads smiles through donations to Home Visiting program families

CCRC always takes that extra step to go above and beyond for its Home Visiting program families — whether that be making a child’s birthday extra special or helping a baby with tummy time. While enrolled in CCRC’s Home Visiting program, families can check and see if CCRC has items they need for their child. With how fast children grow, baby clothes and car seats are always in need.

This month, CCRC’s Home Visiting staff, Brenda Garcia saw firsthand how much her families appreciate the donations they receive. One of her program participants, Juana, dressed her daughter in the baby clothes she received at a birthday party that they had. “She told me once that this was the first time her daughter wore new clothes because, unfortunately, they can’t afford to buy them new,” said Garcia. “It was such a feeling that I felt thankful to this agency for being able to see these families smile with things that we may take for granted”, added Garcia.

Another Home Visiting program participant, was in deep need of diapers and was so grateful to have received them from CCRC. A Home Visiting program participant who showed concern about her child not being able to pick her head up when doing tummy time requested and received a Boppy pillow. She’s been using it often for tummy time!

CCRC’s completely voluntary Home Visiting program is a First 5 funded initiative directly linked to Welcome Baby, which is active in 14 Best Start Communities throughout Los Angeles County. Families must live within the Best Start community boundaries of Pacoima, Panorama City, Palmdale and Lancaster — and be referred to us from the Welcome Baby program — to participate in the Home Visiting program.

CCRC’s Home Visiting Manager, Eileen Pierce, described the program as a “one-on-one mommy and me, where families and certified parent educators work hand in hand to strengthen parent-child interaction and meet each family’s personal goals.” It utilizes the Parents As Teachers (PAT) curriculum whose mission is to provide the information, support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life.

Parent educators go out to enrolled families’ homes twice a month up until the baby’s five years old, building deep relationships with families during their time in the program. During these visits, they connect parents and children to resources and provide information about child development. And with Saturday and evening visits available, this truly is a program that works to include the whole family.

Participating families also have an opportunity to come together to share parenting ideas and experiences with other parents during once-a-month Group Connections.

If you need anything for your little one, please contact us at 818-717-1036 and we’ll do everything we can to help.


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