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CCRC’s Government Relations Director Awarded Elizabeth Hamilton Lowe Child Advocacy Award

Los Angeles, California – Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) announced today that Government Relations Director, Donna Sneeringer, M.P.A., has been awarded the Elizabeth Hamilton Lowe Child Advocacy Award from local non-profit Child360, July 18th 2019. She was recognized for her unwavering commitment to children and their families through her advocacy work at CCRC, the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles, and more.

Child360, formerly known as LAUP, is a leading non-profit who comprehensively supports childhood education and strives to improve the quality of early learning through program support, professional development, advocacy, research, and community engagement. In addition to her Elizabeth Hamilton Lowe Child Advocacy Award, First District County Supervisor, Hilda Solis on behalf of the Board of Supervisors presented Donna with an official scroll in recognition of her achievements at 12th Annual Early Educator of the Year Awards.

Child360 CEO“Donna is a lifetime champion for young children, parents, and educators. With over two decades of her walking the halls, more children are attending preschool, and more teachers are advancing professionally. It was a unanimous decision to award Donna Sneeringer of the Child Care Resource Center the Elizabeth Hamilton Lowe and Robert Weekley Child Advocacy Award,” said Child360 CEO, William Sperling [pictured left]. “Ms. Sneeringer has dedicated her career to creating a better world for our children, and standing as an advocate for their teachers and families. She’s a tremendous leader in the field, who rises to meet the complexities of California’s child care and development system, and works tirelessly to push the needs of our children to the top of our country’s agenda.”

Donna Sneeringer is most known for her work as the Director of Government Relations for the CCRC, a position she has held since 2013. Ms. Sneeringer began her career at CCRC in 1992, where she developed her knowledge of subsidized child care programs, child care resource and referral, quality early childhood programs and workforce development. Between 1999 and 2011, Ms. Sneeringer worked in Sacramento at Child Action, Inc. first as their Child Care Resource and Referral Manager focused on program development, personnel management and community relations, and later as Public Affairs Manager focusing on local, state and federal public policy issues, contract management, fund development, agency communications and media relations.

“I am humbled to be able to do the work that I love. I am truly passionate about education and its access and affordability for all families across the nation but especially in California. I am honored to be recognized by an agency that is in this fight too.” Donna Sneeringer commented.

Sneeringer continues to work with advocates, providers and families to educate the legislature and administration about programs and services that improve the lives of families in California.

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