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Celebrating 10 Years of Literacy and collecting 1 Million Books!

This year, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of our largest and longest running campaigns What a Difference A Book Makes (WADABM)! At the end of 2019, we will have collected and distributed 1,000,000 (yes, a million) books throughout the past decade.

Wait! Did I miss something? Tell me more, this is exciting!

It started in 2009 when we came across an alarming statistic, “According to the Children’s Literacy Foundation, only one book is available to every 300 children in low-income neighborhoods.” That year, we set the goal to collect and distribute 100,000 books to the children and families we serve.

So, how did we reach this remarkable ground breaking milestone? Thought you might ask!

Thanks to the tireless efforts and tremendous support from community members, donors, and local organizations, we met our goal in December 2009! Since then, we have continued and upheld our commitment to literacy. Our WADABM campaign has now grown to include free book fairs, school supplies, and storytime in our four libraries.

WADABM 1How do we distribute all those books? You get a book and you get a book!

We believe that literacy is the foundation for a successful and happy child. That is why at our CCRC hosted events, we give a book to every child in attendance. Our librarians host story time and teach parents how to read with their children. Afterwards, families are offered to take a book home. Each of our four lobbies have age-appropriate books and children are encouraged to pick one. We want those in our community who want a book, be able to receive one, regardless if they use CCRC’s services.

You are invited to join the party!

The 10th anniversary WADABM celebration is for the whole community. There are upcoming opportunities in the coming months to join the party! Be sure to stop by Laps4Literacy for a FREE Family Play Day & Glow Walk/Run. There will be fun and educational activities for the whole family. There will even be a costume contest for ages zero to twelve!

Get involved! Host a book drive, make a donation and spread the word! 

For more information, call 818-717-1036.


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