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Our Remarkable CCRC Staff!

Our first quarter of 2020 is off to a strong start with multiple appointments and recognitions of our remarkable employees for their expertise in early education while making an impact in our community and state!


PBS News Hour featured CCRC President & CEO, Dr. Michael Olenick, sharing his expertise on the shortage of licensed family child care homes and the real need for affordable quality child care. To view the full segment visit PBS News Hour!

2Congratulations to our Research Director, Dr. Susan Savage for being awarded “The La Rocca Award”  by the Sunair Children’s Foundation for her dedication to children and families as well as her commitment to the field! Most recently, Dr. Savage was also appointed to the Practice & Operations Advisory Groups, to ensure the California Cradle-to-Career Data System supports improvement efforts at the institutional and regional level. This approach to service delivery and tools will be useful to students, families and teachers. The California Cradle-to-Career Data System Act, led by the California Governor’s Office with the support from WestEd, sets out requirements for the development of a statewide data infrastructure. Dr. Savage leads a team of fearless innovators in our Research and Evaluation department that has earned a reputation for excellence in evaluation needs of programs throughout California.

1Keep the applause coming as we are excited to announce our Government Relations Director, Donna Sneeringer has been appointed to the Early Childhood Policy by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Sixty-third Assembly District. Mrs. Sneeringer, among others, will advise the Governor, Legislature and Superintendent of Public Instruction on statewide early care and education policy, including the implementation of the California Assembly of Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education report and the Master Plan on Early Childhood expected to be released in October 2020.

3Congratulations also goes out to Patrick MacFarlane, CCRC’s Government Relations Manager, who was appointed by Senate Rules Committee to the Early Childhood Policy Council, Parent Subcommittee! The Council will elevate the needs of young children and their families as well as advise the Governor, Legislature and the Superintendent of Public Instruction on statewide early learning, care and overall development. Patrick has six years’ experience in advocacy and Government Relations and joined CCRC in 2018! We are very proud of him and looking forward to all his endeavors.

Our staff carry out our vision to advocate for healthy and strong children and families living in thriving communities every day. We are very proud of our staff and their accomplishments!

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